Please respect people's privacy. Do not spam them. This not only upsets them but ruins your chances to get into a company. Use your common sense before sending an email.

I recently joined a few Facebook groups in order to get in touch with a few recruiters. While skimming through the posts, I came across a terminology called "boolean search".

In nutshell, boolean search is a way to add and filter out your results. This is how recruiters find candidates matching the description.

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Let's say you are looking for a role at Twitter. One of the ways to find this information would be to just use the search bar, then select the "People" filter. For LinkedIn you can connect to anyone with a second-degree connection.

Pro-tip: When you send a connection request to a 2nd-degree connection, be sure to add a note. Something on similar lines
"Hi X,
I am a software engineer and looking for opportunities in X company. I would like to connect with you and send you my resume to see if there is a potential fit"

Now I could potentially send an e-mail to the CEO of Twitter, but he is likely going to ignore my connection request and more likely block me.

Let's get crafty. I am looking for engineering managers at Twitter who are hiring. Using "boolean searches" you can narrow down your search significantly.

If you are just interested in the company, casting a wide net will yield better results. If you are interested in getting in touch with a specific team, narrow down your search.

"engineering manager" and "hiring" and "twitter"

Woo!! Much better. Now I have all the managers who are hiring. My general assumption is that if you are announcing on LinkedIn that you are "hiring", it is because you want prospective connections to reach you out.

Again, do not spam all of them. Pick and choose.

I would definitely click on their profile and read a bit about them. What team are they on, or what are they hiring for. No point in sending your resume to the ML engineering manager if you are applying for software engineering roles. Once you find out who you want to reach out to, click connect if they are your 2nd-degree connection.

If they are your 3rd-degree connection, then you have two options from here.

  1. Buy a LinkedIn premium subscription.
    Once you enroll in this, the option changes to "Message" where you can send inMails. Remember, you can only send limited inMails based on your subscription.

  2. Search for their presence online.
    You could find their Twitter profile (of course they have one) or use one of many tools to get their professional email address.

Pro-tip: LinkedIn offers a 30 day trial on premium subscriptions. It may be worth enrolling in the FREE subscription and continuing if required.

LinkedIn Groups

This was something that was new to me. You can message anyone if you are in the same group as them. There are so many different groups on LinkedIn. So join different groups like Java, C++ and see if you can reach these people via those groups.

This is also how many recruiters get in touch with candidates. They go where their target market is.

Pro-tip: Members of the group can message each other for free. 

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Search for e-mail addresses

There are tools like Rocket Reach and hunter that search the web to find the email addresses of individuals.

Please be respectful and not email everyone on their personal email. It's annoying, unprofessional, and disrespectful. They will ignore it but you may lose a chance at interviewing with the company.  

Once you get the email address, send a polite email with your resume attached. Make sure to add links to the positions you are interested in.

It is not guaranteed that these email addresses are correct. They may be derived or changed or scraped. Some tools indicate (hunter) better than others.